Defending America From Cyber Attacks

After the incredibly successful inaugural year, Cyber Security for Defense returns to Augusta, Georgia to once again bring together the Cyber community and discuss the challenges it faces.

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The definition of cybersecurity, and what it means to be protected in a virtual environment, is constantly evolving. For the defense sector protecting the Nations secrets, new technologies, and personnel, is a no-fail mission and takes relentless vigilance. Everyday tens of thousands of cyber attacks are initiated world wide, with a vast majority of them aimed at the United States and her allies. If even a single one of these attacks are successful, the effects could potentially be devastating.

For the second year in a row, IDGA is pleased to announce the return of its flag ship cyber event – aimed specifically at cybersecurity concerns and issues affecting those with the most at risk – the defense sector. Join us as we explore the hottest topics of the day as explained by the most respected experts in the defense sector.

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Since you started reading this introduction, more than 1,600 cyber attacks have been attempted against the U.S. Military.

Come and be apart of the future of Cyber Security. It starts now!

Major Topics to Include:


Building and Maintaining a Ready Force to Conduct Cyber Operations


Defending the DoD Information Network


Maintaining International Cyber Space Operations


Defending the Homeland and Military Forces from Disruptive and Destructive Cyber Attacks


Utilizing a Layered Defense to Protect the Defense Industrial Base


Building Bridges to the Private Sector


Developing and Integrating New Cyber Security Strategies


Utilizing Cyber as a Means of Unconventional Warfare


Future of Military Cyber Security

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