June 25 - 27, 2018
Hilton Alexandria Mark Center, Alexandria , VA

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The full brochure for the highly anticipated Cyber Security for Defense is here. This year you can again expect a high caliber and diversified speaker faculty from every facet of the U.S. Gov ...

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Top Recommendations for Defending Against Cyber Threats

We sat down with Dr. Michael Connell and Dr. Lily Chen to discuss protecting sensitive and critical information. Dr. Connell is the Principal Research Scientist for the Center for Naval Analyses and Dr. Chen is currently Project Manager at the National Institute of Standards and Technology. Both share insight into...

Post Show Report: Looking Back at Cyber Security for Defense 2017

Want to learn more about what happened in 2017? Check out our Post Show Report that highlights: attendee statistics, top speaking sessions, what to expect in 2018 and more!

Everything you Need to Know About the $583 Million Increase in Cybersecurity Funding for FY2019

We took a look at the top ten departments scheduled to receive the most additional funding for cybersecurity in FY2019. This infographic shares where these departments are looking to spend in 2019, as well as how much their cybersecurity budgets have increased over the last few years. The FY 2019 President’s Budget includes $15...

Russia's Approach to Cyber Warfare

Russia views cyber very differently than its western counterparts, from the way Russian theorists define cyberwarfare to how the Kremlin employs its cyber capabilities. The paper examines the Russian approach to cyber warfare, addressing both its theoretical and its practical underpinnings. Michael Connell, one of the two authors who wrote this...

The Big Cyber Spend and its Mission Force

This exclusive infographic dives deeper into the Cyber Force Team’s missions and how the DOD has stepped up its cyber security game. It also includes,A breakdown of the FY2017 budget for cyber operations and what it supportsThe DOD’s three primary cyber missions The five major end-goals for the military Strategies...

Navy Sends Out An H.O.S. Challenge—Hack Our Ship—To Woo Millennial Tech Talent

Looking to tap cyber talent in the private sector, the U.S. Navy has been holding a series of hackathons. The challenge: Find a way to crack the security systems of military drones and warships. Courtesy of FastCompany.com

Global Cyber Weapons Technologies Market Forecast to 2026

This new sample report examines, analyzes and predicts the evolution of technologies, markets and outlays (expenditures) for offensive and defensive Cyber Weapons until 2026, starting from 2016. The report also examines each of these markets geographically, focusing on the top 95% of global markets (United States, Europe and Asia).

WikiLeaks releases documents detailing CIA hacking tools and capabilities

WikiLeaks announced that it has obtained thousands of files allegedly originating from a high-security network of the U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA). The huge trove of data, called “Vault 7,” exposed the hacking capabilities of the US Intelligence Agency and its internal infrastructure.

7 Outlets of FY17 DHS Cyber Funding

This FY17 budget accelerates the Continuous Diagnostics and Mitigation initiative to protect federal networks from cyber-attack. Resources are also allocated internally across all DHS Components that own information technology systems as part of a plan to fix known information technology system vulnerabilities.

Digital Transformation is the first line of Defence

In today’s digital age, governments, businesses and citizens are all seeking to create new opportunities and efficiencies through the use of digital technologies. For defence agencies, the secure, fluid and timely flow of data and intelligence is the life-blood of modern military activity.

FBI and CIA Viewpoints on Current and Future Cyber Threats

We recently spoke with FBI Section Chief, Trent Teyema, who oversees all aspects of operation readiness for the FBI’s Cyber Division, and most recently served as the Special Agent in Charge of Counterintelligence and Cyber for the Los Angeles Field Office. As well as Sherrill L. Nicely started her tenure...

Past Presentations

Army Network Cyber Security - Enabling Success

Essye B. Miller Director, Cyber security, Army CIO/G-6 Presents on key initiatives for improvements to cyber security and network modernization such as, capacity upgrades, removing legacy infrastructure etc. Also how the army is aligned to the DoD Army Strategy.

Logical Leap - How modern cyber attacks threaten our physical safety

Industrial Control System (ICS) vulnerabilities enableour adversaries to launch attacks that leap the logical barriers of cyberspace. This presentation by Waylon Krush, Lunarline Co-founder and Hacker-in-Chief, discusses physical cyber safety.

State of Cyber Workforce Development

Presentation given by Marie Baker, Senior Engineer at Software Engineering Institute, Carnegie Mellon University. Baker speaks about US cyber preparedness, training initiatives, training and awareness resources and the way ahead for training.

Developing New Paradigms for a 21st Century National Cyber Strategy

Cedric Leighton, Col, USAF (Ret.), Founder & President, Cedric Leighton Associates, discusses the evolving cyber threat, USCYBERCOM's evolving roles and missions, future strategies and challenges and opportunities in this past presentation. He also touches on integrating government and business efforts, the changing legal landscape and a look toward a true...

Advancing Cyber Defense, Joint/Coalition Interoperability, and C2 Capabilities

COL Dean A. Clothier, Chief of the Cyberspace Division for Joint Staff J-6 discusses:Evaluating cyber defense requirements, plans, programs, and strategiesConducting analysis and assessments on on cyber forces, mission capabilities, and strategies

Additional Content

The 15 Strategies For Combating & Detecting APTs

Advanced Persistent Threats (APTs) are some of the most dangerous and demanding challenges to computer security. They’ve been known to steal valuable company intellectual capital and even government secrets. So, it’s important to know if you’ve been targeted by one, and how to contain and combat the threat. Below Raed...

DoD Looks to Private Sector for Cyber Security Partnerships

With every passing week, the necessity and vulnerability -- of cyberspace becomes more apparent. While recent technology advances developed in Silicon Valley and elsewhere have made many things in modern life “easier, cheaper and safer,” Defense Secretary Ashton Carter noted that “it’s become clear that these same advances and technologies...

The DoD Cyber Security Strategy

Read the latest official DoD strategy for cyber operations, from its strategic goals to its plans for managing multiple services. The United States is committed to an open, secure, interoperable, and reliable Internet that enables prosperity, public safety, and the free flow of commerce and ideas. These qualities of the...

On the Verge of Explosive Growth: Cyber Pearl Harbour

This document from the DefenceIQ Intelligence and Analysis Unit, discusses which market segment for cyber security is on the verge of explosive growth during 2015-16 under simultaneous pressure from the insurance industry and upcoming government regulation. It highlights one of the critical oversights in the cyber security market, and how...

Leveraging Automation for Advanced Network Troubleshooting

A 10 page paper examining why network troubleshooting is so challenging and exploring opportunities to improve incident response times with a divide and conquer strategy. The paper addresses how automation can be applied to a traditional troubleshooting methodology for isolating the problem, gathering information, and automating the analysis of critical...

Detecting and Combating Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)

How do you know if your organization is the target of an APT? If it is, how can you properly categorize and contain this threat while maintaining continuity of operations? APTs are the pinnacle of computer threats and preparing for them is just as important as identifying that you have...

Securing the CIA From Future Attacks

We spoke with Sherrill Nicely, Chief Information Security Officer at the Central Intelligence Agency about the CIA’s Cyber Blue Team (CBT), a group of “white hat hackers,” and what new/emerging threats she sees in the next few years regarding the nation’s state of cyber security.

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